There is a hologram on our certificates

There is a hologram on our certificates
Posted by 05.03.2019

Every year we hold training for specialists and installers on innovations and service maintenance of new control units “BIOTAL”. After successful training and passing the exam, we issue a certificate. From this year, there is a hologram on our certificates.

Do you know what a hologram is?

A hologram is enrollment of the full wave field of an object on a photosensitive material in the form of a micro-relief image. When light falls on the micro-relief, the phenomenon of diffraction occurs, forcing the image on the hologram to sparkle with all the colors of the rainbow, which gave the name to rainbow holograms.

Holographic protection marks are made on the basis of multilayer films; therefore, when trying to remove a tag from a product/document, its destruction occurs, and one will not be able to use the hologram again, i.e. transfer the label to a fake product/document.

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