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Welcome to the site,

Biotal treatment plants - Biological wastewater treatment

Dear visitors of the site, we invite you to get acquainted with our company and become our partners in clean waterreturning to the nature, which we have borrowed and are obliged to return it purified. The meticulous human demands are negatively reflected in the state of nature, especially the pollution of rivers, lakes and groundwater - sources of drinking water byuncleaned or poorly treated sewage. This leads to the fact that using them as sources of drinking water becomes very expensive, and sometimes impossible, due to the complexity of cleaning.

The task of our company is to preserve drinking water, qualitatively clearing waste water with the possibility of its re-use for irrigation of green plantations. We realize that nature is our home, it gives the person everything that is necessary for life. BIOTAL biological wastewater treatment plants will help us with this noble cause - preserving the water resources of our planet.

Technology BIOTAL - implementation of a number of new patents, technical solutions, which allowed to solve the traditional problems of small waste water treatment plants in a complex manner. The only system in the world of autonomous sewage system, which has 7-program automatic power control, depending on the income of sewage, which saves up to 70% of electricity.

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Stages of the process of establishing the treatment facilities

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What are we doing?

BIOTAL technology is a new way of deep biological wastewater treatment - a three-stage biological reactor SBR with multi-circuit automatic recirculation of active sludge. The strategic goal of UKRBIOTAL company is to provide customers with a full range of sewage disposal services on a turn-key basis: from designing of treatment facilities to putting them into operation and their maintenance. BIOTAL technology works in such a way that purified sewage is close to natural in its properties, so waste water can be turned into secondary water circulation, saving drinking water, the cost of which increases from contamination of water supply sources. Since the BIOTAL technology was created practically from the "zero", there are no shortcomings from other technologies, there were their ownshortcomings, but as they arose, the author of the technology solved them. As a result, BIOTAL Technology became the best and there is no analog in the world.

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Sewage treatment plants and autonomous sewage for a privat house

BIOTAL products are represented by a wide selection of wastewater treatment plants.

Autonomous sewage for a private house

As a rule, domestic wastewater in a private house is not routed to a centralized sewer network. Therefore, already at the stage of designing a house, it is worthwhile to budget a separate item of expenses for the construction of treatment facilities.

It needs autonomous sewage and its own sewage treatment plant. We offer sewage treatment plants for private houses with any number of permanent residents (starting from 4 people). BIOTAL installations are also ideal for servicing temporary accommodation facilities (for example, autonomous sewers in the country).

Wastewater Treatment Plant

For efficient operation, local treatment facilities should be constructed at a higher technological level than large treatment facilities in the city. Only BIOTAL wastewater treatment plants meet this requirement today. Our domestic wastewater treatment plants (monoblock, modular, one- and two-module wastewater treatment plants) have a unique technology that allows you to get perfectly clean process water at the outlet.

Sewage treatment

The wastewater treatment methods used in urban wastewater treatment plants are not suitable for small STPs. The BIOTAL biological wastewater treatment plant is a unique solution: in our plants, treatment takes place over several cycles, and this gives the most “clean” result. The plants are fully automated, therefore wastewater treatment does not require your constant attention.

Grease traps

In an autonomous sewer of an object with a large volume of “kitchen” drains (schools, cafes, restaurants, sanatoriums), excess fat can damage the operation of the treatment plant. Here it is necessary to additionally install a grease trap (grease traps). It will remove excess fat and provide a stable and effective treatment of wastewater.

The Biotal company is engaged not only in design and installation, specialists also perform further maintenance of the autonomous sewage system. This gives you a guarantee that the sewer system will operate without interruption throughout the many years.

We work with clients from all over world: Czech republic, Ukraine, Georgia, United Arab Emirates etc.

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